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If you are one of those people, who either for work or family reasons have to travel very frequently abroad, you know very well that by taking your laptop with you to the country of destination; you have to connect to the internet through the new ISP (Internet Service Provider) This type of events has the unpleasant effect of configuring your E-mail client, so you will have to reconfigure your E-mail client. mail every time you connect to the internet through a new ISP and want to send an e-mail.

In case you did not know, the sending of emails with a client such as Outlook Express, for example, is carried out through SMTP servers. If you do not know what the term ” SMTP Server ” is about, let me illustrate; SMTP stands for ” Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ” and through this, we can send emails; It is the method of information transfer through the internet protocol. If you want to save yourself the tedious task of having to reconfigure your default e-mail client to assume another SMTP server, then the perfect option for you will be Easy SMTP Server.

This software promises to allow you to send your emails when you are out of your country of origin, without seeing the cumbersome need to reconfigure your e-mail client every time you go out; since this software is able to pass through the SMTP server of your new internet provider. In other words, this software will serve as an SMTP server wherever you go! This software is essential for all those users who travel frequently and like to take their laptops with them. Unfortunately, this software is paid but has a trial period. This software is available in English and Spanish.


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Easy to use Windows Mail Server software for Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista!
Provides full-featured email service, supports SMTP/SMTP Auth/POP3/SSL POP3 Remote etc.
Supports 1~20000 accounts with each 8G+ mailbox capacity, suitable for small to medium business.
Provides a unique feature of ISP Mailbox Mapping Mode to help you save cost significantly.
Sharing Mail Server Mode allows your department communicate with customers with one mailbox address.
Well-designed UTF-8 Webmail Server keeps you away from unreadable multi-language emails.
Useful diagnosis functions of domain MX, mail sending etc will help you quickly locate possible problems.
Provides effective Anti-spam Protection with multi RBLs lookup anti-spam technology.
Supports powerful Employee Email Monitoring function to help you Monitor employee emails easily.
Provide rich functions, e.g. mail group, auto-filtering & forwarding, ISP relay sending and etc…
SQL-based Mail Server, support Access, and SQL Server, much better than file based mail server.
Help you build your own LAN or Internet mail server easily!

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