Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker 6.45 Crack Keygen + Serial Key Full Download

Oh no! Have you lost the password of your smart mobile device? Have you forgotten it or were you the victim of some cruel joke? Do you need access to the backup of your smart mobile device, but do not have the password? Do not panic! You no longer have to fear, since luckily there is software capable of recovering any type of password from your smart mobile devices, one of these excellent options is Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker.

As indicated by its name in English, this software is a powerful tool which is preceded by a high-quality standard, since this software is commonly used in the forensic field when it is necessary to have access to the information stored in a mobile device. ; which protects your access by means of a password. This software will be of great help if you want to access the information found in the backup of your mobile device. What kind of information can we find in those backup copies? Well, important user information; your list of contacts with their respective phones; address book; record of calls received and made by the user; SMS file; calendar; browsing history and cache; image files; voicemail;

As you can see, the lives of many users are literally on their smart mobile devices; It is unquestionable why software like this has become a first level need for many. Which smart mobile devices are you talking about? -Maybe you are wondering- This software is compatible with the most used mobile devices today, among which stand out: Blackberry, iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc. This software will help you recover the password of any of these mobile devices, in addition to giving you access to backup copies saved in iCloud.




  • Gain access to information stored in password-protected iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Blackberry backups
  • Decrypt iPhone and BlackBerry backups with known passwords
  • Decrypt BlackBerry 10 backups with known BlackBerry ID and password
  • Recover passwords to BlackBerry Password Keeper and Wallet applications
  • Instantly decrypt BlackBerry Password Keeper for BlackBerry 10 containers
  • Recover BlackBerry device password
  • Recover master password to 1Password containers extracted from Dropbox, local and cloud iOS backups
  • Extract FileVault 2 recovery keys and use them to decrypt FileVault 2 containers without lengthy attacks
  • Read and decrypt keychain data (email account passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and passwords you enter into websites and some other applications)
  • iOS: view saved passwords and authentication tokens including Apple ID password or token
  • iOS: access passwords/tokens to email accounts, instant messengers and social networks
  • Save time with cost-efficient GPU acceleration when one or several AMD or NVIDIA video cards are installed
  • Perform advanced dictionary attacks with highly customizable permutations
  • Perform offline attacks without Apple iTunes or BlackBerry Desktop Software installed
  • Recover passwords to backups for original and ‘jailbroken’ iPhone (all models up to iPhone 7 and also 7 Plus), iPad (all generations incl. iPad Pro), and also iPod Touch (all generations) devices
  • Download Apple iCloud backups (including iOS 10) with Apple ID and password, or authentication tokens (no hidden fees: unlimited extractions with no subscriptions or additional fees)
  • Extract synced data such as call logs, contacts, notes, calendars as well as Web browsing activities including Safari history and open tabs.
  • Locate and extract iCloud authentication tokens also
  • Download iCloud Photo Library including photos during the past 30 days
  • Download extra data from Apple iCloud accounts (files from iCloud Drive, incl. ones not accessible by the operating system)
  • Compatible with all versions of iTunes, iOS (up to the latest iOS 10), BlackBerry Link and also BlackBerry Desktop Software.

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Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8,  Windows 7, Windows Vista; Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003.

Modern CPU with SSE2 instruction set support (AES-NI recommended).

At least 100 megabytes of free space on hard disk.

One or more supported NVIDIA or AMD cards, or Tableau TACC1441


OS X 10.8 – macOS 10.13 High Sierra

At least 100 megabytes of free space on the hard disk

Modern CPU with SSE2 instruction set support

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