Pokemon Go 0.93.4 Hack With No Root Free Download Full Version

Pokemon Go is one of the buzzing apps this time. The application was launched on July 7, 2016, and is only available, for the moment, only in certain countries; United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, etc.

The game is not yet available in some countries. That’s why in this article I show you how to download Pokémon Go on your Android device.

Pokémon Go is a smartphone augmented reality game that aims to capture Pokémon, fight in “arena” while moving in the real world thanks to the GPS and the camera of your phone.

It’s a revolution in the video game, At work, at home, anywhere you can play this game, you’ll just need an iPhone or Android smartphone with a GPS, camera and an internet connection.

Just launch the application and start walking, once near a Pokémon, you will receive a notification then you can try to capture it, aim it with the touchscreen of your smartphone and launch a Poké Ball for catching it.


Pokemon Go

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