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If your thing is discovering music rather than following the typical and repetitive tendencies, one of your main hobbies should be listening to the radio. And if you do it through the internet, you know that you can find transmissions from different places, which in turn multiplies the possibilities of having fresh tones, without saturating with the same thing over and over again.

Pity that sometimes we enter a station when a melody goes to the middle and we miss the name of the artist or the song and we know that there is no way to even repeat it to try to memorize some fragment of the lyrics. Forget about this problem with Replay Music, a simple and nice interface program that allows you to capture the transmissions of sites like, Pandora or Spotify.

And if the recording is an option, you can be sure that the next one will save those recordings. It is not about being stored in the program so that you can hear them later, but it allows you to make a complete download and a small service to identify which song it is. Now you will not have to worry about listening to something, and you can quickly increase your song library. Add those cool melodies to your playlists and forget about letting them go.


Replay Music


  • Windows Latest Version
  • Intel, AMD or compatible processor, 1 GHz
  • 256MB or above RAM
  • 50 MB free hard disc space
  • Stable Internet connection for video download & YouTube upload
    DVD-ROM drive for burning DVD
  • BD-ROM drive for burning Blu-ray


Easy-to-use Music Recorder

Replay Music can turn music videos into MP3 files.just open Replay Music and play the
video – you’ll get a fully tagged MP3 file as soon as the song ends.

Tags Songs Automatically

Only Replay Music 8 Serial Number can automatically tag your recorded MP35. Using
proprietary song recognition technology, Replay Music identifies each song after it’s
recorded, and adds the artist, song title, album and genre information to each MP3 file.
Not only can you record, but now you know what you’re listening to!

Precise Track Splitting

Replay Music sports the most sophisticated track splitting algorithms on the planet.
Besides just recording and tagging. each MP3 file contains the entire song – no more, no
less. Other recording programs may chop off the start or end of the song, or add
unwanted noise. Replay Music License Key songs are always perfect.

Read the Replay Music User Guide or FAQ

We stand behind Replay Music with a comprehensive User Guide, FAQ, and great
customer service.

Support The Artists!

If you like a song you‘ve recorded, please BUY THE SONG! Replay Music is not intended to
be a replacement for music stores, rather it allows you to listen and make an educated

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