RoboForm 8.4.8 Crack Keygen + Patch 2018 Full Version Free Download

Sometimes it is very difficult to keep up in this modern era, with the passage of time and the implementation of the use of computers and the internet we have been encountering dilemmas that were totally unknown and unimaginable for past generations. Today more than ever it is important to find applications that help us keep up with the modern life in which we are living, so we do not stay behind and continue to enjoy the benefits and advantages that this digital era offers.

Today there are countless pages and services that require you to register and create an account, but sometimes it is very difficult to keep a record of your passwords and usernames, especially if you have registered on several sites! Fortunately, a program has been designed for all those people who are interested in having a very quick access to all their favorite pages or social networks with just one click! This is RoboForm, this program is really indispensable for the modern user who seeks to lead a less complicated life.

This incredibly useful program will be able to store absolutely all your passwords and usernames; You can have quick access to all your accounts with just 1 click! You will no longer have to write your passwords and usernames on paper; Now you can keep your information completely secure and keep it out of the reach of intruders or unwanted people. As if it were not enough, this incredible program is not only capable of saving passwords and usernames, it will also assist you in filling out forms with a single click !!! Forget about wasting time filling tedious forms; RoboForm will do it in a two for three! This program is also compatible with most browsers and mobile devices.




An easy life tracking program with full security

A full time protecting tool and remembers the password in a one click

RoboForm saves the data when you put in the form and login to any website

You can generate the password in password manager with unique and strong and random site

This is the reliable way to save the password if you have multiple log-ins

A strong folders and file protection unit and powerful search functionality that makes the organizing them in a cinch
Now, no one can brute your password and can attacks

There are too many iterations to encrypt your password

It supports the 8 digit characters only

You can edit the password with the same name

A well way to import your data if you need to download

You can keep your access on every device and synchronize the data eventually

It works correctly on MAC and windows across all of the browsers.


OS: Win98, Win2000, Win7 x64, WinXP, WinServer, WinVista, Win7 x32,

32mb memory, 4mb of disk space

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