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With SafeIP you will remain anonymous while browsing the internet. With few tools at your disposal, you will find a way to avoid misleading advertising, tracking, capturing personal information and other problems that abound on the Internet.

Your IP address is the key to your team and your personal data, and can be used by anyone with the necessary knowledge. Therefore, when you activate this program, you will become invisible. Before starting your browser, open the software to select your new region. These are classified in various countries into practical drop-down menus. So you do not need to lower the scroll bar too much.

Once you choose your new region and connect to the SafeIP servers, you will see on the right a table of generalities regarding your connection. Here you are shown where you are protected as Malware sites, ads, cookies or DNS privacy.

You will notice that your navigation is not affected and you will go discreetly through places that once seemed highly dangerous. In addition to that the change in your IP makes believe region detectors that belong to a certain country, which at the same time will give you access to previously restricted videos. When leaving your browser you must also exit SafeIP so that everything returns to normal, changes will not be saved and your team will not lose stability.



How can I speed up browsing using SafeIP?

Selecting a location nearest to you is the best way to ensure the fastest connection speeds. From the Dashboard tab, scroll down the Select Location box on the left, to find the country and region nearest to your current location, and then double-click the location to connect. You may try using other nearby locations to see if another location is faster for you. You may also try selecting an IP location nearest to most of the websites or servers you regularly use.

We also recommend turning on the free Ad blocking and Malware blocking features on the Setting tab. These features can speed up your web browsing by blocking advertisements that slow your web browsing. Malware, scumware, phishing, and spam sites can be blocked as well using the Malware blocking feature, potentially further speeding up your web browsing.

What is Browser ID Protection and how does it work?

Your web browser tells a lot more about you than you realize. “Browser Fingerprinting” technology is a new way for Internet companies to track your online activity without using cookies or your IP address.

Each time you visit a website, your browser sends something called a “User Agent” to the website, which reveals your operating system and version, browser, and version, and other plugins, installed fonts, extensions, installed software, and settings of your computer. This data can be compiled to form a unique Browser Fingerprint, linked to you and your computer. Clearing your cookies and hiding your IP address is no longer enough to stop sites from tracking your Browser Fingerprint.

Fortunately, our Browser ID Protection feature, found under the Settings tab, uses counter-Browser Fingerprinting algorithms to randomly change your Browser Fingerprint and prevent this form of tracking. Compatible with all web browsers.

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