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Download Virtual DJ Pro Crack Free. Virtual DJ 8.1 Pro is a program that is used to mix music from the computer, without it being necessary for the person, to have to use conventional DJ mixers. In addition, it is a software recognized for being one of the best that exist within its field, because it provides a very simple user experience if you value the features you have. You can download virtual DJ 8 full of the links you will find in the download section of this page.

In that order of ideas, this software uses digital music to allow the user to mix their music, instead of types of vinyl or CDs, allowing the process to be more comfortable and that, of course, the effects that are applied, resulting in what expected.

As for the mixes, they can be made from two tracks at the same time, while it will also be possible to integrate some effects that are part of the program’s gallery. The same happens with the configurations to modify the speed of reproduction, among other aspects of virtual DJ 8.

Virtual DJ Pro

Those who are interested in downloading virtual DJ pro should not hesitate at any time if what they are looking for is a program to mix from the computer in which there are not so many complications to comply with this process and that provides very good results.

Here we mention some of the main advantages of the software:

  • Automatic adjustment of BPM. This system has been integrated into the platform, so the bass of the tracks will be easily synchronized without you having to do it manually.
  • Friendly interface. It may seem very charged at first glance, but in reality, it is very easy to mix your music. Just focus on loading the tracks on the plates, press the play button, incorporate some sound effects and finally produce your final song.
  • Record and transmit on the internet. It is not only about recording and then storing the mixes, but it is also possible that you transmit your music directly over the internet. For this, you must have a Virtual DJ 8 full account.
  • Effects. There are many and diverse effects available for your mixes are striking. Everything will depend on how creative you are and of course the results you want for each of your productions within the software.
  • In this version, it incorporates the complete program along with its activation so that you can enjoy the program with all the novelties and features that this version offers us.

Points to consider:

Actually, there are only two points to consider in virtual DJ 2016, although they are not so serious because they will not interfere in your mixes:

  • The quality of the audio will depend on the type of external audio card you use.
  • The program uses many resources of your CPU, so some computers may not work correctly when required by the program.


The option of downloading virtual DJ pro is available to any user, it is an ideal program to make mixes at home, with the possibility of storing, sharing or directly transmit them via the Internet. So if you want to enter the world of music production and in particular that of DJs, be sure to try Virtual DJ 8.1 Pro for Windows.




These are the minimum requirements that you need to fulfill your computer:

Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or AMD Athlon ™ XP
Monitor with 1024 × 768 resolution
DirectX-compatible graphics card
1 GB RAM Memory
Hard disk with 100 free MB

Note: the license for virtual dj is included.



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