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Who has not heard the term ” diagram ”? I think most people are familiar with this term or at least have a vague idea of what it is all about. Diagrams or diagrams are very useful in the summary and presentation of ideas; project planning and brainstorming. There is a wide variety of diagrams/schemes available that we can use, each of which is better for a function than others. The truth is that it depends a lot so that you want to use these schemes, there is no scheme that is better than another in itself, but there are schemes that are more efficient for certain purposes.

One of the most commonly seen diagrams or diagrams is the ” tree diagram ”, the concept of this diagram is really very simple, by means of this diagram we can develop the main idea; which is placed in the center or above (depending if we want to show a hierarchy) from there are added more ideas; which in turn give space to more ideas; all this placed like the branches of a tree. This kind of diagrams is really useful for brainstorming, but also for project planning. This kind of diagrams is very used in mental maps.

If you want to create your own tree diagrams in a simple way, then you can not miss WBS Chart Pro, this software will help you create diagrams/tree diagrams especially focused on work projects. This useful project management tool was created by ” Critical Tools ”, a software developer especially focused on project management software. With this software, you will be able to plan your projects in a more understandable way, since you can divide them into tasks and subtasks. You can add costs, duration, etc.


WBS Chart Pro

WBS Chart Pro Features:

– Powerful project management also control software.
– Easy control and management of complex projects using the WBS Chart, Network Chart, Gantt Chart charts.
– Ability to change the size of the project and the number of tasks.
– Define projects at any size and with any number of operations.
– Print a Mac with any printers. Or multi-size platters for large print versions.
– Extract high-quality output results.
– Plan and manage projects using a top-down approach in the WBS diagram.
– Manage, review, and update the project using the Task tool.
– High support for drag also drop features.
– Advanced planning also project management software based on Windows , lso a combination of work breakdown structure WBS charts.
– user-driven also compatible software The application of project management.
– Ability to portray Charts forGraphics.

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